Privacy Policy is tracked by Google Analytics is free to the public without registration. An access code is required in order to access Educator Resources.

  • The user should be 18 years or older to sign in to access these resources. This site does not attempt to collect any information from children.
  • The user should provide a first name, last name and email address and an access code will automatically be sent to their email address.
  • The names and emails collected through the access box will go to a database and will only be used to distribute infrequent important press release emails and notifications in relation to Project WET educational materials.
  • The PWF will not divulge to outside parties private or personal information obtained through
  • However, the PWF retains the right to use this information internally for the purposes of disseminating information in the form of press releases, newsletters, surveys, etc. and collectively for reporting purposes. Individuals have the right to opt out of any correspondence they receive from the PWF.