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The Role of Water in Our Lives


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Project WET Foundation   Project WET Foundation
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Project WET Project Team

  • Dennis Nelson, President and CEO
  • Laurina Isabella Lyle, PhD, Project Director, Project WET Foundation
  • Molly Ward, Project Manager, Project WET Foundation
  • Theresa Schrum, Project Assistant, Project WET Foundation
  • Peter Grosshauser, Illustrator,
  • Heath Noel, Web Developer, Alpine Computing LLC
  • Sandra DeYonge, Contributor, Project WET Foundation
  • Linda Hveem, Contributor, Project WET Foundation
  • Nicole Rosenleaf Ritter, Contributor, Project WET Foundation
  • Kristen Tripp, Contributor, Project WET Foundation

Nestlé Waters North America

  • Christine Korduba
  • Delphine Fairley

Web Programmer

  • Heath Noel, Alpine Computing, LLC


  • Peter Grosshauser

Project WET Staff—October 2011

  • Dennis Nelson, President and CEO
  • John Etgen, Senior Vice President
  • Meg Long, Chief Financial Officer
  • Laurina Isabella Lyle, PhD., Executive Director and National Network Coordinator, Project WET USA
  • Linda Hveem, Executive Assistant to the President and CEO and Office Manager
  • Katie Holsinger, Sales and Customer Service Manager
  • Lindsay Lemon, Bookkeeper
  • Julia Nelson, Project Manager, Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Morgan Perlson, International Projects Assistant
  • Nicole Rosenleaf Ritter, Communications Specialist
  • Verna Schaff, Accountant
  • Theresa Schrum, Assistant to Project WET USA Executive Director
  • Kristen Tripp, Publications Manager and Project Manager
  • Molly Ward, Project Manager

Blue Traveler Game and User Interface

  • Big Bad Tomato Interactive


  • Michael Holland, Music and Sound Effects, Michael Holland Productions
  • Molly Ward, Voiceover, Project WET Foundation
  •, purchased sound effects


  • Kathy R. Matosich, Filming and Editing
  • Justin Boyes, Filming and Editing
  • Bozeman, Montana Children

Graphic Design

  • Abigail McMillan
  • Abigail V. Ward


  • Cassie Armstrong, Morning Star Editing

Healthy Water, Healthy People Content Review

  • Dr. Kelly Thomas

Teacher Focus Group (Montana December 2011)

  • Clarissa Were
  • Lesa Pribyl

Student Focus Groups

  • Mrs. McNelis' 2nd Grade Class 2010/2011, Hyalite Elementary School
  • Bozeman, Montana Children

Teacher Focus Group (Olympia, Washington, August 2011)

  • Julie Carson
  • Millie Craig
  • Quinn Crowell
  • Lisa deMontigny
  • Tracy Fowler
  • Marsha Hendrick
  • Kelsi Logan
  • Joseph Mano
  • Diane Malick
  • Bruce Milliman
  • Karen Milliman
  • Stephanie Parson
  • Katharine Overhauser
  • Janet Rosenbach
  • Matt Samson
  • Robin Schmidt
  • Cheryl Smaciarz

Project WET KIDS (Kids in Discovery Series) Booklets

  • Explore Oceans © 2000 Project WET Foundation
  • Discover Marine Mammals © 2006 Project WET Foundation
  • California Coastal Ecosystems © 2010 Project WET Foundation
  • Discover Ground Water & Springs © 2000 Project WET Foundation
  • Native Waters © 2003 Project WET Foundation
  • Watershed Protection © 2003 Project WET Foundation
  • Discover the Missouri River © 2004 Project WET Foundation
  • Discovering Drought © 2005 Project WET Foundation
  • Conserve Water © 2001 Project WET Foundation
  • Discover Storm Water © 2005 Project WET Foundation
  • 8-4-1, One for All © 2002, 2011 Project WET Foundation
  • Healthy Water, Healthy People © 2000 Project WET Foundation
  • Water, Every Drop Counts © 2004 Project WET Foundation

Project WET Activities

  • Ocean Habitats © 2011 Project WET Foundation (take action)
  • Seeing Watersheds © 2011 Project WET Foundation (take action)

In memory of Sandra Chisholm DeYonge (1952-2011) who helped with this project in its early stages. Sandra's enthusiasm, creativity and spark will not be forgotten.